Why Airbus Defence and Space SAFEcommand?

Airbus Defence and Space have over 20 years’ experience of working closely with Emergency Services customers and delivering products and solutions to satisfy their business and operational needs.

Dedicated SAFEcommand Client Services Team

Airbus DS supports its SAFEcommand product suite based on the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) service framework and is committed to a programme of continuous improvement of best practice for its IT service management processes.

Whether you have a query or need us to investigate an issue, from the moment you log a call with our SAFEcommand Service Desk, your request is tracked, audited and responded to within strict service targets by our SAFEcommand Client Services Team, who have over 60 years of customer support experience between them!

The SAFEcommand Client Services Team contains Product Experts whose remit is:

  • To be the main point of contact for all technical or support information for their products.  
  • Progress incidents and ensure incident history is updated via the Incident Management software.
  • Problem identification and resolution involving re-creation of the incident, use of Solutions documentation etc.
  • Provide the ability to test the validity of client calls using their own data and where possible local conditions; liaise with the test team, agree and maintain product testing environments and client specific data.  Product experts will ensure that all product variations are covered.
  • To actively promote quality management within the Team and work within the scope and guidelines of the business Quality Management.
  • Provide support to the Software Development Team during fault investigation, development and emergency changes.
  • Conduct product training and / or product implementations as well as provide feedback to technical authors on product documentation.
  • Carry out Client Services Meetings.  Agree with Client Services Management a schedule of visits, ensure these visits take place and all actions are followed up within the target timescale.  Monitor service to clients against defined standards and targets.  Ensure any information is disseminated to all relevant parties.

SAFEcommand Portal

Our SAFEcommand Customer Portal is our online resource where you can download all the current SAFEcommand software releases and catch up on the latest news and updates relating to our products and services.  In addition to this you will also find:

  • Documentation for the SAFEcommand product suite such as Release Notes and Instructions.
  • Instructional videos.
  • Access to our customer knowledge base.
  • Product roadmap information.

SAFEcommand User Forum

Airbus Defence and Space have been holding an annual User Forum for our SAFEcommand customers for over 18 years.  Usually held in November, over the last 2 years it has been scheduled in collaboration with BAPCO (British Association of Public Safety Communications Officers) to maximise value to delegates.

Held over 2 days, the forum is open to all existing SAFEcommand customers.  During the forum you have:

  • An opportunity to obtain updates on the SAFEcommand product portfolio.
  • See our new functionalities and discuss the priority for our product roadmaps.
  • The ability to attend breakout sessions or workshops on a wide-range of topics.

Customers are always welcome to present at the event, whether it be a case study, a specific challenge or any topic that you feel the rest of the user group audience may be interested in.
We are always looking for ways to improve this forum and find ways for you to get as much out of it as possible.

Customer Involvement in the Development Process

The Airbus DS Intelligence software development methodology has evolved over a number of years to ensure successful and well-received projects and products.  Over the last three years, an Agile Software Development framework has been implemented, which promotes iterative development throughout the life-cycle of the project, fostering close collaboration between the development team and the commercial team, and encouraging teamwork.

Our experience is that the use of an Agile methodology promotes a project management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation, allowing for rapid delivery of high quality software alongside aligning development with customer needs and goals.

Agile values:

Individuals and interactions    Over    Process and tools
Working software                  Over    Comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration          Over    Contract negociation
Responding to change           Over    Following a plan

To this end, for the development of our ScCapture, ScCourier and ScResponse products, customers are invited to take part in a product-specific Working Group.  Each Working Group is directly involved in shaping the product user interface and prioritising the features and functionality developed by the Airbus DS software development team .  Regular demonstrations are held for the Working Group to show progress being made and to enable changes to the products so we produce what you want and need.  As product development for each version continues, more wide-spread demonstrations are undertaken to provide all users with an opportunity to influence the product.  As the development for each version begins, a new Working Party is created to ensure a wide-ranging input of requirements from system administrators to operational staff.

Airbus Defence and Space Project Management

The role of project management within a project can often be overlooked or under-appreciated; however, in order to ensure the success of a project, its management is vital.
Airbus DS Intelligence is convinced that strong project management and adherence to proven quality standards are crucial for the success of the project.  Airbus DS Intelligence SAFEcommand project managers are highly experienced and certified PMI (Project Management Institute) Project Management Professional (PMP).

Why Us?