2016 Q2 Releases

In April we released new versions of ScResponse, ScCourier and ScCapture. Work since the initial releases shown at the SAFEcommand 2015 event was focussed on filling in key gaps in functionality and improvements suggested by you. Effort has been directed at improving the map performance in ScResponse, ensuring end to end integration is complete in addition to filling the highest priority functionality gaps. Below is a list of the key developments in the software this year.

  • Improved Mapping engine in ScResponse
  • Printing
  • CAD support
  • Message Log
  • Batch Mobilisations
  • Crew Riding
  • Deliver ScResponse software updates with ScCourier
  • New Dashboard in ScCourier
    • More control over software and configuration deliveries
    • Panels displaying key information always visible
    • More client Information collected
    • Store custom information against client records
    • Access Client Log Files

Our first patch release of 2016 for these products was released on 1st July 2016 and included the addition of mainly defect fixes in ScCourier and ScResponse but also some new functionality including:

  • Standby Mobilisations
  • Detach Cordon from Incident location
  • Windows power management integration
  • Preload POI based on URN in Mobilisation message
  • Filter SOPS on Incident Type

We encourage everyone interested in moving to these new software platforms to read the full article relating to the new releases and the deployment options on the SAFEcommand Portal which elaborates on the following points:

  • Licensing and entitlements for new products
  • Version and compatibility between current and next generation products
  • Options for migrating to the new products
  • Product information and documentation


With the release of the ScResponse, ScCourier & ScCapture v2.1, we are very excited to begin the deployment of these new systems into your operational environments and hope the information we have published will help you plan and move forward with your own deployments.

For more information please log a call with the SAFEcommand Service Desk.

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