Dynamic Geospatial Solutions to Support Faster Decision-Making with Hexagon’s Smart M.Apps Platform

Hexagon Smart M.Apps developers and end-users can now access Airbus Defence and Space’ data through the Smart M.Apps platform. They can benefit from high and very-high resolution imagery from Pléiades (50 cm) and SPOT (1.5m), either new or archived.

Hexagon Smart M.Apps are targeted, lightweight map applications, which have revolutionised the way to envision, experience and communicate geographic information.
Each Smart M.App integrates content and analysis into maps to help business leaders in a variety of industries to solve business problems in a smart, fresh new way.

The services provided by the Smart M.App platform enable application developers to combine fresh geospatial content with various analytical workflows to deliver an interactive experience and an engaging dashboard of insightful analytics. Users without any experience in the remote sensing industry can now gain valuable insights that help them make complicated business decisions.

Here is a quick summary of how the platform works:

SmartApp Image Search

Smart M.App developers access Airbus Defence and Space imagery through a simple ordering interface as shown here.

SmartApp Creation

Once they have imagery and/or other content to work with, they create their map layout using very simple drag and drop tools.

SmartApp Workflow

After the map layout is done, the developer creates an analytics “recipe” for their Smart M.App as seen in this example.

SmartApp Recipe

Or, they use an existing recipe already created in the platform.

Green Space Analyzer

The final outcome is a dynamic, interactive map that provides important geo-information and analysis.

Click here to see this process in action:

With these easy-to-use Smart M.Apps all types of users can benefit from the information derived from Airbus Defence and Space geospatial data from Pléiades and SPOT.

Next step is to make available the powerful radar data from the TerraSAR-X satellite and a range of Digital Elevation Models for Hexagon Geospatial smart applications as well.

More information about the Smart M.App platform can be found here

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