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Agriculture is from the most ancient ages at the heart of humanity…but it has become today an economically, socially and environmentally sensitive sector. Intensity between food, fuel, feed, steadily rising demand fundamentals, food prices volatility, food security and accessibility issues, increasing food production and productivity without damaging biodiversity, the rising of large agro-holding and agricultural land chasing (farm real estate investment), climate change and water scarcity are a few of the many components of the changing faces of Agriculture.


SPOTMaps on crop land area Zimbabwe

A new era for agriculture calls for an increasing role of technology and new techniques such as geospatial-driven information to help husbanding and producing crops in an effective and sustainable way.

This is true for the major agricultural basins of the world but also for the new and rapidly developing agricultural lands.

Airbus Defence and Space critical agricultural information and industry insights at the field level or at the scale of an agricultural basin are serving the whole value chain from producers to food processing companies, from agricultural commodities finance and investment operators to reinsurance companies including institutional agencies, multilateral banks, think tanks and NGOs.

Our 10-year agronomic and geospatial expertise, knowledge of the agricultural environment and wide range of ag services and solutions will give you a sharp edge for your business.

Did you know?

Airbus Defence and Space is involved in a research initiative with leading insurance actors to develop products to cover weather perils based on yield measurements thanks to remote sensing. The main objective is to identify and quantify production loss in order to compute accurate compensation for crop shortfalls and associated financial loss.


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