Air Defence Systems: Solutions for Air Operations

The portfolio of Airbus DS Air Defence Systems comprises sophisticated solutions for the management of  air operations (military and governmental flights) and ground based air defence, control and surveillance tasks ensuring permanent security of the airspace.

Command & Reporting Centres

Fortion® 1SkyControl … pdf Fortion® 1SkyControl Flyer


... is a new generation of Control and Reporting Centres (CRC) software that builds and disseminates the RAP (Recognised Air Picture). It assists air force operators in tracking and identifying airborne objects, air policing, selecting defensive forces to counter objects identified as threats and guidance of selected resources to designated targets.

Military Air Traffic Control

Fortion® 1SkyTower… pdf Fortion® 1SkyTower Flyer

 … is a new generation surveillance & control system for local military air bases. This compact solution provides a complete air & ground picture, with centralised management of all information, and improved aircraft protection through safety aid for operators.

Resource and Force Management for Air Operations

Fortion® 1SkyICS… pdf Fortion® 1SkyICS

... Fortion® 1SkyICS manages air operations and ground-based air defence on the national territory and on theatres of operations abroad. It thus allows the air force to accomplish its mission and ensures permanent security of the airspace for military and governmental flights.

Ground Based Air Defence

Fortion® IBMS …  

... is cutting-edge command-and-control and weapon deployment software for air defence systems used for close and very close-range targets in air combat.

Fortion® SAMOC …  

... is a command-and-control system for the guidance and coordination of subordinate surface-to-air missile systems. SAMOC supports the complete military work process (mission planning, accomplishment, monitoring and evaluation, as well as training). It enables the straightforward integration of a wide range of weapons systems or sensors – including the latest technologies.


Tactical Data Links

Fortion® MDLU… pdf Fortion® MDLU Flyer

... is a multi-link system that ensures interoperability with various partners on the basis of various tactical data links (Link 16, 22, 11, JREAP, LLAPI, SIMPLE, ATDL-1 or proprietary). Tactical data links can be integrated via a uniform interface into a command-and-control system (such as SAMOC).

Artillery Command & Control

Fortion® React EFCS
(European Fire Control System)…

 … is a fire control system developed for the mobile Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) of Lockheed Martin, currently in use in Germany, France and Italy. Next generation (Common Launcher Platform) is under development, targeting sheltered rocket launchers.

Civil Airport Application

Fortion® ACDM… pdf Fortion® ACDM Flyer


… monitors and records the airport performance (air side, land side, environment) according to the EU 691/2010 regulation. It also manages the airport capabilities such as key resources status (runways, lighting, beacons, ILS, safety nets, etc.), maintenance planning and NOTAM.