ISR Systems: Solutions for Strategic and Tactical Mission Requirements

Airbus Defence and Space provides tailor-made solutions for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) applications, for the support of strategic and tactical mission requirements, as well as for the generation and dissemination of command information for commanders at all levels.

Intelligence Collection – Multi-Sensor Integration

Fortion® SurvIn…  

... is a set of networked real-time surveillance applications gathering information from surveillance sensors to establish and distribute a shared situation awareness picture.

Fortion® AEW&C…

 … is an onboard version, intended for Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) multi-sensor integration and fusion.

MSSV (Multi-Sensors Surveillance Vehicle)

Fortion® MSSV (Multi-Sensors Surveillance Vehicle)… pdf Fortion® MSSV Flyer an operational system dedicated to Land Forces in charge of surveillance of sensitive areas. It is specifically designed for missions where sensor mobility is required and offers observation, detection, tracking, classification, identification, decision and action/response (OODA-Loop) capabilities against security threats. It is applied in Border Surveillance, Camp Protection, Critical Area Surveillance and Terrorist Tracking.

Intelligence Collection – Satellite Reception in Theatre

Fortion® MultiSat …  

 … is a transportable station offering direct access to satellite imagery in theatre, thus shortening the time from acquisition to image availability. The solution offers an incomparable mix of optical and SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), of high and medium resolution, of large and narrow swathes.

Intelligence Exploitation – Image Analysis

Fortion® Image Analyst … pdf Fortion® Image Analyst Flyer

 … is modern, user friendly software for image, video, GMTI Plot, Track4 and ESM5 exploitation. The software provides capabilities for map and image display (2D/3D), graphics editor analysis tools e.g. measurement, improvement of geo reference and change detection, Plot and Track management, tools for structured and formatted reporting, video display and manipulation.

Intelligence Exploitation – Target Recognition

Fortion® RECCE Engine®... pdf Fortion® RECCE Engine® Flyer

 … is a semi-automatic recognition tool for mobile military equipment. It provides the image analyst with full confidence in the identification of a given class of equipment (Navy, Army and Air Force) thanks to an intuitive and simple interface. It provides innovative software to support an image interpreter in the recognition of mobile assets from features or parameters easy to perceive.

Intelligence Exploitation – Infrastructure Identification

Fortion® IMINT KDB© pdf Fortion® IMINT KDB® Flyer


 … is a component of the IMINT Solution Suite and is a sophisticated solution for the easy and rapid recognition and identification of infrastructures from satellite or airborne images. It supports the creation and illustration of intelligence reports and enables a significant reduction of costs and time constraints. It has been designed according to operational user feedback and is based on more than 15 years of experience.

Intelligence Exploitation - MediaMining

Fortion® MediaMining … pdf Fortion® Media Mining Flyer

 … is the solution for processing HUMan INTelligence (HUMINT, COMmunication INTelligence (COMINT) and Open Source INTelligence (OSINT). Fortion® MediaMining® software tools enable the users to collect information from the Web and deep Web, possibly behind proxy for anonymisation. It produces intelligence reports, alerts, and fosters a structured knowledge database.

Intelligence Exploitation – Electronic Warfare Analysis

Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst … pdf Fortion® EWA Flyer


… is modern, user friendly software for Electronic Support Measurements (ESM) sensors: radio communication, radar, jammer, from line of bearings and parametric information, Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst computes emitter position and uncertainty ellipse and defines the electronic order of battle (EoB). The software provides capabilities for map display, image and video display for confirmation of observation through IMINT (Image Intelligence).

Intelligence Management & Dissemination

Fortion® DataShare … pdf Fortion® Data Share Flyer

 … is the solution for storing and exchanging geospatial information in a multi-site or multi-organisation environment. It provides coherent interfaces for storing, searching, disseminating and exchanging information such as imagery (spatial, airborne, handheld, maps, etc.), video clips or streams, documents and reports, Ground Moving Target Indicators and tracks as well as Intelligence Request Management & Collection Management information.

Intelligence Management – Direction

Fortion® Workflow … pdf Fortion® Workflow Flyer

… is the solution for directing sensors and exploitation capabilities. The Intelligence Request Management & Collection Management (IRM & CM) process is the corner stone of effective Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR). It enables direction of sensors collecting raw intelligence and exploitation stations providing elaborated intelligence from the entire coalition across all the military echelons.