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Aware of the potential in using space technologies and data in non-space areas, Airbus Defence and Space was keen to partner the second edition of the ActInSpace® contest organised by the French space agency CNES (Centre national d’études spatiales), the European Space Agency (ESA) and the ESA Business Incubation Centre Southern France (ESA BIC Southern France).

Airbus Defence and Space  will  make SPOT or Pleiades data available to participants enabling them to propose a concept or application prototype using space data, at the international hackathon that will take place on 20 and 21 May in some 13 countries and more than 30 cities.

This event offers international challenges, with support from global experts, as well as the opportunity to win prizes.  

Airbus Defence and Space once again displays its interest in innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

If you would like to take part:

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Designed for students, engineers and entrepreneurs alike, ActInSpace® is an event targeting creativity. Throughout the weekend, teams will imagine and design innovative services and products derived from space technologies and space acquired data. An experienced support team will allow those participants with the best ideas, to create a start-up company, with the help of specialised incubators as well as the professional network they will encounter during the event.

Beyond the competition, ActInSpace promotes the use of Space Technology for the benefit of the public at large as well as the future of our planet, by organising such a large public event around space innovations.

ActInSpace® aims to:

  • Consolidate the dynamic image of space through the organization of an attractive, open and friendly event,  
  • Develop the entrepreneurial spirit among young people,  
  • Demonstrate that space is a catalyst for innovation, contributing to employment and economic development in a sphere beyond its usual ecosystem,  
  • Foster and promote the reuse of space technologies and space acquired data,  
  • Encourage the creation of start-up companies using space technology and / or developing downstream applications for space systems to create new services or products in other sectors.  
  • Facilitate and encourage exchanges between the participants and experts.

ActInSpace® 2016 will be organized in at least 30 European cities, of which 12 are in France, along with the possible participation of 2 cities outside Europe. The final will be held June 29th, 2016 during the Toulouse Space Show.

Twitter: @actinspace

ActInSpace® Hackathon