Need your data to work harder? DataDoorsTM offers a competitive turn-key solution

With facilities and teams situated in some of the world’s most remote locations, timely intelligence and the capability to provide the right data to the right people at the right time is critical. DataDoors offers operators a genuine competitive advantage, providing a platform which holds all data and analysis results in one place whilst providing the capacity to share data efficiently amongst global teams.

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Throughout the oil, gas and mining project lifecycle, different teams need access to various datasets to meet ever-changing requirements. During the initial feasibility, exploration and development stage, high-resolution satellite and lidar imagery, elevation data, as well as detailed, up-to-date maps are crucial to support the planning and construction of facilities. Throughout the production phase and even once assets are decommissioned, ongoing change and security monitoring becomes the focus. DataDoors enables global teams to collaborate regarding those complex datasets, providing a secure place to store data while maintaining full control over individual access rights. Geospatial data can be processed, downloaded and delivered in multiple formats to internal users, external collaborators or customers, as the platform also includes a simple e-commerce functionality.

Providing previously sourced data, connecting historic with new datasets, allows data to be shared efficiently, avoiding the risk of sourcing the same datasets twice, and allowing change identification through the comparison of archive data with new datasets.

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DataDoors offers a competitive turn-key solution