What’s New in GeoStore?

WorldDEM™ is now Available in GeoStore!

WorldDEM™ is now available for displaying, searching and ordering via our easy-to-use online purchasing tool GeoStore. For you this means instant access to 120 Mio km² of homogenous, high-quality elevation data anywhere on the globe.

All the WorldDEM products are available for ordering:

• WorldDEM
• WorldDEMcore
• WorldDEM DTM

GeoStore - WorldDEM Archive 2

The coverage of the WorldDEM archive is visible with the relevant colour code: Zoom to your Area of Interest, define your favorite AOI and choose your product for your shopping basket. After the checkout your request is sent to our Customer Service Team, which will get in touch with you to finish your order.
The WorldDEM team is working on creating an absolute height colorization basemap as WorldDEM quick looks, which is foreseen in the next version. In the meantime quick looks can be viewed in the WorldDEM Database.

Explore other New GeoStore Functionalities

Simplify drawing your Area of Interest

GeoStore - Zone of Interest



GeoStore - Zone of Interest 2

Export of your Area of Interest easier than ever

GeoStore - Zone of Interest export

Display of public price, discount and discounted price in the check-out page

GeoStore - Checkout - discount

Selection of DEM is now available

GeoStore - DEM selection

You can now easily select your location

GeoStore - Zone of interest -content



GeoStore - Zone border Country bouderies available ; click on the icon to zoom and create automatically the AOI.
GeoStore - Zone zoom icon Click on the icon to zoom and create automatically the AOI.
GeoStore - Zone select Zoom to the location



GeoStore - Zone result

What’s New in GeoStore?