ScPortal version 2 Enhancements

At SAFEcommand 2015 we announced that we had added new features to the ScPortal as part of efforts to continually improve the service we offer you. However we wanted to ensure that those who were not able to attend were also now aware of the changes and additions we have made.

New features added to ScPortal:

FAQ’s, Help & Support: For each of the SAFEcommand products you can now quickly access key information about that software as well as find answers to frequently asked support issues. For some of the most common maintenance tasks or issues we have also started adding tutorial videos. Our library of videos will continue to grow.

Product Roadmaps: All of the SAFEcommand products now have their own roadmap page. Here you can see the list of things we would like to add to the products and as certain items get prioritised for a development sprint they will be updated on this page to indicate when you can expect the feature to be available. You can also submit your own roadmap suggestions here.


Client Services Feedback: Our Client Services Team are in the process of radically changing how we collect customer feedback, and so as we go into 2016 you will see further changes and announcements regarding this. However as an interim solution to expanding and improving how we gather your feedback on the service, a new ‘feedback page’ has been created.

Full details of the new features available can be found via the ‘Welcome to the New ScPortal’ page on the ScPortal.

ScPortal version 2 Enhancements