Mariana Mining Disaster in Brazil - SPOT 6/7 Instant Tasking Image of the Toxic Mudslide

On November 5th, a dam burst at the mining complex in Mariana in South-Eastern Brazil. 60 million cubic metres of toxic mud surged down the valley covering a distance of up to 100km. A number of villages were buried under the mud.

SPOT 6/7 was programmed in Instant Tasking Priority Mode and the images acquired on November 6th provided the emergency services and local authorities with a rapid overview of the situation. A comparison with a SPOT 6/7 image acquired on June 14th clearly shows the massive extent of the flooding.

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SPOT 6/7 image of 14 June 2015

SPOT 6/7 image of 06 November 2015
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Mariana mining disaster