Defining a New Standard of Global Elevation Models – WorldDEM™

Covering any point on earth with unrivalled accuracy, WorldDEMTM is setting a new standard for digital elevation models (DEM). The ready-to use WorldDEMTM dataset comes orthorectified as a standard, giving you the homogeneous, seamless coverage you need to make informed decisions, quickly - equipping you with the most cost-effective assessment tool throughout the lifecycle of your project.

With WorldDEMTM offering remote acquisition and quick availability of archived elevation data, costs and risks associated with sending teams on site to collect the required information are minimised, which is particularly valuable when assessing potential exploration sites. With a vertical accuracy down to 1m, terrain can be accurately examined, also by using WorldDEMTM DTM (digital terrain model), which is able to provide elevation data regardless of weather conditions, vegetation and manmade structures.

In contrast, for the development of large-scaled infrastructure, cultural landmarks might be a crucial factor for the planning process, which needs to be taken into account to minimise potential risks. To identify the shortest, most secure and agreeable pipeline routes, as well as optimal facility locations, WorldDEMTM offers the seamless coverage to plan these requirements and to integrate precise elevation data in cost-effective desktop engineering projects.

WorldDEM™ in brief:

  • Superior elevation information anywhere on earth
  • Homogeneous standardised pole-to-pole coverage
  • Unrivalled accuracy: 2m (relative)/ 4m (absolute) vertical accuracy in a 12m x 12m raster
  • Easy access


Edited Digital Surface Model with assured hydrological consistency.

WorldDEM Digital Surface Model Oxford Great Britain


Digital Terrain Model representing the bare earth terrain without any vegetation or manmade structures.

WorldDEM Digital Terrain Model Oxford Great Britain

Defining a New Standard of Global Elevation Models – WorldDEM™