Take Advantage of Increased Precision with GEO GCPs

GEO Ground Control Points (GCPs) provide highly precise 3D elevation information of outstanding quality. They offer an effective cost and risk minimising tool for oil, gas and mining projects by improving the accuracy of geo-datasets whilst minimising cost-intensive on-site data collections required for the space-borne approach.

GEO GCPs – anywhere, anytime

Derived from TerraSAR-X high-resolution stereo imagery, GEO GCPs can be extracted anywhere on earth at any time, whilst being fully independent of weather- or daylight conditions due to the advanced radar technology of the satellite. The derived GCPs are essential to maximise the effectiveness of satellite images, ensuring the images are “orthorectified” at a constant scale, representing features and locations in their accurate position, which is a crucial to enabling their most accurate interpretation.

Highest precision to minimise cost and risk during oil, gas and mining projects

GEO GCPs support versatile exploration, construction and monitoring by increasing efficiency through a more accurate dataset. For example, when identifying potential hydrocarbon leads or risk-ranking the seismic conditions of new exploration sites, GCP’s orthorectified optical and radar satellite imagery provide the additional levels of accuracy you need to make informed decisions at this stage of a project’s lifecycle.

As GCPs make digital elevation data and topographic maps a lot more reliable, they become essential tools for the accurate planning of transportation routes, especially when desktop engineering infrastructure elements, such as the planning of pipeline corridors. Using highly accurate GCP 3D maps, the risk and cost associated with on-site data collection, cost intensive ground truthing and on-site engineering work can be kept to an absolute minimum, which is especially relevant in remote areas or areas which represent a higher level of risk for those on the ground.

GEO GCP Packages

The GEO GCP portfolio offers two categories of Ground Control Points, as shown in the table:

Absolute vertical accuracy 0.5 m < 3 m
Absolute horizontal accuracy < 1 m < 3 m
Number of scenes 3 2
GCPs package includes 5 GCPs 10 GCPs
GCPs distributed over an area of approximately 20 km2 1,000km2

GEO GCPs are delivered in a comprehensive package, containing preview information and in-depth detail of the surrounding area (Image Chip), as well as customised reports and metadata, which includes statistical parameters and general information for all delivered product components.

We are offering almost 3,000 GEO GCPs off-the-shelf

Since 2011, all produced GEO GCP-1 and -2 data has been archived, offering you direct access to a comprehensive database of GCPs.

The Yibal Oilfield in Oman – a case study

11 wellheads of an oilfield in Yibal, Oman were selected to evaluate the precision of the GEO GCPs. The project delivered an accuracy measurement of GEO GCPs of 0.9m and 0.3m horizontal and vertical accuracy respectively. The operator of the oilfield was very pleased with the outcome, commenting on the GEO GCP acquisition “the technique becomes a cost and time saving alternative for fields which are hard to access – We are impressed by the achieved precision.”

Take Advantage of Increased Precision with GEO GCPs