The World’s Most Ambitious Satellite Imagery Archive Project

Capturing Every Point on Earth to Assist Oil, Gas And Mining Projects

Customers working in remote and unknown regions, require fresh up-to-date imagery to understand and effectively assess the exploration area. We are currently creating the world’s most comprehensive archive by capturing and updating every point on earth within a 12-month cycle. This powerful resource of fresh, high-resolution images is readily available and capable of supporting every stage of your project lifecycle. As images of any area of interest will be less than one year old, the archive delivers the most cost-effective and relevant imagery solution to support important business decisions.

The most relevant imagery at your fingertips.

Our unparalleled SPOT constellation captures images for our archive, in addition we task our high-resolution Pléiades constellation to add further clarity, with even higher resolution imagery for specific areas of interest.

Our image archive has proven to be a key source of information when supporting seismic acquisition and other crucial decision-making processes throughout the lifecycle of oil, gas and mining projects. The images can also be used for maps, ideally at a scale of 1:25000, offering effective assistance when planning transportation routes or facilities.

Unique satellite technology

With SPOT 6 launched in 2012 and SPOT 7 launched in 2014, we are using the latest, highly responsive sensor technology that covers very wide areas with a swath of 60km, in record time. This constellation has the capability of collecting data of up to 6 million km2 every day - an area larger than the European Union. At this speed, SPOT 6/7 has acquired almost all the earth’s surface in the last year. The 1.5m resolution images are delivered in natural colour and are orthorectified as standard. High levels of visibility are also guaranteed due to the integration of efficient cloud-management. It enables high-visibility and high-resolution imagery of tropical areas, which are covered by clouds most of the time.

When satellite images of a higher resolution become relevant for a specific area of interest, the wide swath of our SPOT constellation is augmented with the ultra-sharp 50cm resolution of our Pléiades constellation; providing the most effective collection of relevant and detailed imagery.

Easy access to imagery via GeoStore

Pléiades over Guanabara Bay in Brazil

Pléiades over Guanabara Bay in Brazil.

The latest satellite imagery can simply be downloaded from GeoStore. The online platform delivers the selected images directly to your desktop.

The World’s Most Ambitious Satellite Imagery Archive Project