TerraSAR-X Application Webinars – Get Your Customers Informed!

TerraSAR-X is a powerful tool box with unique capabilities for a broad range of applications. 

Benefit from our experience by joining our new TerraSAR-X Application Webinars!

The webinar is your right choice, if…

… you are interested in general information about the potential of TerraSAR-X
… you are targeting to process TerraSAR-X data for a distinct application but do not know how to start and what to use
… you are keen to discover the products and services available for direct, reliable and quick availability of information

The webinar format:

  1. You select all webinars from the menu
  2. you invite your customers for the specific webinar,
  3. we will present the webinar to you and your clients - a question and answer session included.

Overview of the TerraSAR-X Application Webinars:

  • Geospatial / Image Intelligence
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Ground Control Points
  • Surface Movement Monitoring
  • Change Detection and Monitoring
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Forestry Applications


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