Under the Pole - Underwater Polar Expedition

Pléiades observes boat trapped by the ice floe offshore Greenland

Pléiades observes the boat of the Underwater Polar Expedition, Under the Pole, trapped by the ice floe offshore Greenland.

The two masts belonging to the Why, the boat of the underwater polar expedition Under the Pole, cast a two parallel lined shadow on the ice floe. The vessel is trapped by the ice in a cove within Uummannaq bay, located on the west coast of Greenland. At latitude 70° North, the expedition has just spent the long arctic winter aboard a motionless boat.

Under the pole - why

Uummannaq bay Pléiades, 16 March 2015

Under the pole - zoom why (cropped)

The Why trapped by the ice floe
Pléiades, 16 March 2015

The expedition aims to study marine life beneath the ice floe through the arctic night. Under The Pole is a series of submarine polar expeditions aiming at exploring the hidden face of Arctic and Antarctic polar regions in their diversities. A new submarine approach providing world unique images and a better scientific knowledge of the environment.

Under the Pole - Divers are back from a 100 meters dive

Divers are back from a 100 meters dive. Diving that much below the sea ice is a journey full of traps where any mistake is heavily paid for.

Airbus Defence and Space supports the Under the Pole team by programming its satellites at the key stages of the expedition.
Follow the expedition! To find out more www.discoverygreenland.com/eng

Under the pole - diver

Under The Pole