ScResponse Update

Development of ScResponse is ongoing and progressing well.  On 5th May we held an open WebEx for all of our customers to demonstrate the product as it stood then and we held another open session on 8th July to show the progression of our development. 

We will be holding further demonstrations in August and we will email you details of that demonstration with plenty of notice.  By the time this demonstration occurs we will be able to provide a good indication of the functionality that will be included in the first ScResponse release in October.

The core features we have implemented in ScResponse so far are as follows:

  • Revamped User Interface
  • GIS display and map manipulation tools
  • Display of datashares/overlays
  • Display of POI documents
  • Login/Logout
  • Mobilisation/Demobilisation
  • Status Messaging
  • Display direction of travel on map
  • Visual/audio alert notifications
  • Audit logging (for modules completed so far)
  • Integrate with Live GPS feed and Follow Me & Incident functionality
  • Send GPS and status based AVL Rates
  • Full Screen Status
  • Force Login Functionality
  • Manual Acknowledgements
  • Full Screen incident details with configurable layout and style
  • Callsign Validation
  • Integrated Crash Recovery System
  • Autodata module
ScResponse Update

The next batch of features we will be working on include Overlays, Chemdata, Printing and Guided Informative Messages.  We continue to listen to and use feedback we receive during the WebEx demos and from our Working Group.

We have now also started on the Web Based version of Response which will allow you to access ScResponse via a secure connection from a web browser on a phone, tablet or desktop PC.  The first release of ScResponse Web will contain a small but key subset of features of the full blown ScResponse product.  The development of ScResponse Web is currently scheduled to end in mid-August.  A WebEx demonstration will be held in late August to provide visibility and obtain feedback.  Formal release will be in October.

Features expected to be included in first ScResponse Web release:

  • Web based system  accessed by a browser
  • Secure but easy to use login process
  • Integration with ScGateway
  • Status Messaging
  • Receive mobilisation messages
  • Report GPS position

Please let us know if you have any questions about ScResponse

ScResponse Update