ScCapture Update

We are now coming to the end of our 2015 ScCapture development.

In 2014, version 1 delivered the following functionality:

  • GIS display and map manipulation tools
  • Add/edit/delete POIs
  • Add/update/delete POI documents
  • Search for POI and POI documents
  • Add/update/delete non-location documents

In version 2, we’ve significantly modified the user interface to improve the overall look and feel of the application and added the following features:

  • Gazetteer (using Address Base Premium)
  • Add/edit/move/delete Hydrants
  • Manage Defects
  • Manage Inspections
  • Add/edit/delete Schemes
  • Redlining (area, line text)
  • Add/edit/move/delete Emergency Water Supplies

And our final task is to support the use of ScCapture in the field.  In addition, we have introduced the concept of Flexible Attributes within ScCapture, making it easier (at installation) to specify the information you wish to hold within the system.  We hope to demonstrate the new version to users via WebExes in August, with an expected release date of October. 

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ScCapture Update

ScCapture Update