ScGateway Release

The ScGateway maintenance release is now in its final testing phase and we are waiting for dates to be confirmed with Airwave for Conformance testing. Once we have agreed those dates we will be able to confirm the release date for this version of ScGateway.  Below you will find a comprehensive list of the changes that will be included in this release.

Additional functionality:

  • Accept and deliver multi-block mobilisation and text messages using the Capita Vision implementation of Gd92
  • Implement new authentication method on TomTom WebFleet for additional security
  • Accept and deliver standby mobilisation messages to VMDS clients
  • Configurable mapping of GD92 message priority to VMDS priority for more flexible alert configuration
  • Include additional text in officer radio mobilisation messages
  • New logging component to summarise system activity

Performance improvements:

  • Filter out duplicate messages from MultiCADI
  • Filter out invalid AVL messages prior to sending to C&C
  • Optimised database calls for mobilisation message
  • Improved tolerance of invalid GD92/callsign mapping configuration

Defect fixes and stability improvements:

  • Improved mapping of negative acknowledgement codes to send to VMDS user
  • TomTom incident location updates to resend unchanged information
  • More appropriate negative acknowledgement passed to VMDS if database timeout occurs on server
  • No longer respond to an unsolicited negative acknowledgement from C&C

Assuming conformance dates are agreed in a timely manner this Gateway release will be available in September.

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ScGateway Release