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Airbus Defence and Space: Reference Layers Covering the Entire World

With our range of Base Maps, Airbus Defence and Space provides a large variety of up-to-date & ready-to-use products ranging from country wide to local, orthorectified seamless coverage with high geometric accuracy.

Based on our unique access to multi-resolution and multi-sensors constellations, our Base Maps are the most precise and reliable geographic reference for your visualisation of mapping and planning needs.

Optical and Radar Satellite Base Maps

SPOTMaps Mount Egmont, New Zealand © CNES 2004-2011

Mount Egmont, New Zealand © CNES 2004-2011


Framed according to your area, SPOTMaps products provide nationwide or regional seamless coverage, orthorectified, derived from colour imagery acquired by SPOT 5, 6 & and soon SPOT  7 at resolutions of 2.5 and 1.5 metres.

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Elevation30 - SPOTDEM on Dead Sea

Elevation30 image of the Dead Sea

GEO Elevation Services

The GEO Elevation product suite offers the most comprehensive range of elevation models providing highly accurate height information everywhere in the world, regardless of relief and weather conditions.

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WorldDEM Digital Elevation Model of Hokkaido, Japan

WorldDEM™ - Hokkaido, Japan


The WorldDEM™ is a global elevation dataset of unrivalled quality, accuracy, and coverage. WorldDEMTM  will be available from 2014 for the Earth’s entire land surface - pole to pole.

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TerraSAR-X Radar Mosaic - Tenerife

Radar Mosaic of Tenerife Island, Spain

TerraSAR-X Radar Mosaic

For areas larger than a scene, TerraSAR-X images are assembled into a seamless harmonized Radar Mosaic, which supports quick interpretation and map sheet generation.

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