WorldDEM™DTM Now Available

The most effective elevation tool for use during the development and exploration stages of your oil, gas and mining projects

Airbus Defence and Space’s WorldDEM digital elevation model is now available with true pole-to-pole coverage, accurately depicting the bare earth removing man-made structures and vegetation. 

WorldDEM DTM During Exploration

During the exploration phase of your project, DTMs provide crucial surface and ground data, assisting with the seismic planning and assessment of geomorphological, as well as structural features for geological interpretation. This is especially crucial when exploring remote, inaccessible areas, which might lack topographic information.

WorldDEM DTM During the Development Stage

WorldDEM DTM is a powerful tool to plan any elevation-dependent aspects of your operation, without any unnecessary structures or vegetation getting in the way. DTMs are of particular use when planning infrastructure, such as pipeline transportation routes and facilities but also offer additional value when integrated with complementary satellite datasets, such as data from optical and/or radar satellites.

Key Features


  • Superior terrain information for any point on earth
  • Standardised, high-quality data
  • Unrivalled accuracy: 5m (relative) / 10m absolute vertical accuracy
  • 12m x 12m raster
  • Easy access and fast delivery

WorldDEM™DTM Now Available