GEO GCPs with TerraSAR-X

Military missions, civil engineering projects or exploration activities require sound knowledge of the area under investigation.

Typically a wealth of information sources is consulted and needs to be merged within a common reference system. Ground Control Points (GCPs), which are well visible on the ground but also in all relevant geo-information layers, are required.

Ground Control Points with TerraSAR-X

Utilising data collected by the uniquely precise TerraSAR-X not only delivers accurate GCPs with 1m accuracy, but also provides reliable ground truthing in remote, difficult-to-access and/or hazardous locations.

Key Benefits

  • Unmatched location accuracy well below one meter
  • Quick availability through cloud and day-light independence
  • Suitable for inaccessible or denied areas/countries
  • No security risk for staff
  • Cost-efficient due to missing staff mobilisation

pdf See the TerraSAR-X Application Guide for GEO GCPs


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