Digital Elevation Modelling with TerraSAR-X

Precise and reliable elevation data is the foundation for any accurate geospatial product. They are essential for versatile applications such as military mission planning, exploration of natural resources, civil engineering projects, air traffic security or land administration.
Highly detailed and precise Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) can be generated based upon SAR data acquisitions from TerraSAR-X. Two approaches can be applied: Radargrammetric or interferometric processing. Digital Surface Model (DSM) showing the “first surface” elevations (e.g. vegetation and man-made structures) can be processed into Digital Terrain Models (DTM), that represent the bare Earth elevation, i.e. vegetation and man-made objects are removed.

Key Benefits

  • Quick availability for areas with frequent cloud coverages or polar night (especially WorldDEM™)
  • High geolocation and vertical accuracy
  • High level of detail
Elevation10 DSM of a landscape on Bali, Indonesia

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