If You Thought SAR isn’t For You, We Give You Three Reasons to Reconsider!

Successful civil engineering projects rely on detailed and accurate geo-information for feasibility studies, design and construction phases. Radar satellite data can support your projects with dependable information for site assessments, project planning and progress as well as environmental impact monitoring - even in remote areas. 

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  • Save money thanks to rapidly available and up-to-date base information
  • Reduce your risk through precise and safe remote surveying without the need to mobilise your team
  • Reduce environmental impact with reliable, timely and
    regular monitoring
WorldDEM - Vladimir, Russia

Did you know that you can calculate your excavation volumes from space?

Save money in the project evaluation phase by utilising Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) generated from TerraSAR-X data.

DEMs can be reliably and rapidly generated for any location of the Earth - independent of weather and relief conditions - with exceptionally high geolocation and vertical accuracy.

TerraSAR-X - Ground Control Points

How about getting highly precise ground information without having to send your teams on-site?

Highly accurate Ground Control Points (GCPs) calculated from TerraSAR-X data are your answer if you need precise ground information in inaccessible, risky and remote locations.

They can be used for image orthorectification, exact location of surface features and referencing of geodatasets.

TerraSAR-X - Change Detection

Why not monitor site progress from the vantage point of a satellite?

Gain valuable site information, visualise and evaluate the impact of your activities on the surrounding environment and keep up-to-date on the construction progress even in remote areas - TerraSAR-X delivers the information for your change detection and monitoring needs.

TerraSAR-X - Surface Movement Monitoring

Have you ever considered that satellite data can deliver you information on surface movements in the millimetre range?

Improve the safety and performance of your construction projects with our Surface Movement Monitoring services, reliably determining surface subsidence and uplift with millimetre precision - historical ground movement information also available.

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