Pléiades Imagery Supports RS Metrics in Measuring Sales Trends for Wall Street


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Remote Sensing Metrics (RSM), headquartered in Chicago, United States, provides corporations, investors and government clients with proprietary insights and data focusing on retail parking lot traffic to help measure chain-wide and store-level traffic and market-share, and forecast company sales and stock price. Their clients are able to make informed investment, operational and marketing decisions based on the information and analysis they provide thanks to Pléiades detailed, regular and high quality information.

Pléiades’ multitemporal datasets are employed for RSM measurements and forecasts. Their large-scale statistical analysis relies on Pléiades’ fine resolution to accurately observe parking lot volume across stores. RSM needs imagery of a wide range of retail chain store parking lots for their Retail Traffic Analysis products.

RSM requires large volumes of satellite imagery, which must be collected and delivered on a weekly basis. The key for RSM was to find a partner capable of consistent collections of the majority of urban areas in the United States. RSM also requires “year-over-year imagery” meaning they need at least one archive image to be available for each of their AoIs for every report. Due to the number of large retail stores in the United States, RSM requires bulk production of thousands of AoIs each week. Due to the tasking and bulk production requirements the RSM challenge is complex and required a unique approach by Airbus Defence and Space.

Solution & Results

After studying RSM’s requirements, the Airbus Defence and Space collection planning team set up a Pléiades custom tasking programme to test Pléiades performance over RSM AoIs. Testing proved Pléiades could be a game-changer for RSM and a custom tasking programme was started. Since early 2013, Airbus Defence and Space has acquired and produced weekly Pléiades imagery of cities in the United States for RSM. Pléiades consistency and collection capacity allow RSM to provide reliable monitoring for key retail stores. RSM orders several thousands of small archived and newly collected AoIs to be delivered every week. This imagery is used to produce analysis of retail parking lots to determine year-over-year traffic growth, market share, forecasts etc. Thanks to Pléiades imaging capabilities and RSM processing, clients are now able to make informed decisions about their business strategy, operations, and investments on a weekly basis.

Pléiades Satellite Image for RS Metrics

The image is a side by side showing a color satellite image and one with deep learning

Key Benefits


  • Working with Pléiades imagery enables RSM to consistently provide information of key sites to their clients.
  • The Pléiades satellites allow RSM to get the data where and when they need it.
  • Clients can rely on RSM to collect, process and deliver valuable information.
  • To partner with Airbus Defence and Space enables RS Metrics to access the most up-to-date imagery as well as the largest and most comprehensive archives of historical imagery available.
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Our experience with Airbus DS overall has been great going on almost two years.  They’ve partnered with us in a way that supports our growth strategy and have looked for ways to contribute and add value.  We really appreciate their focus and how they’ve taken the time to understand our business and long term strategy.  We look forward to working with them for many years to come.” 

Alex Diamond Vice President - RS Metrics


The RSM programme demonstrates Airbus Defence and Space’s ability to respond to business intelligence market demands. The programme is an example of how Airbus Defence and Space can utilise the robust Pléiades collection capacity to support non-traditional markets which historically are not accostumed to work with satellite imagery. Thanks to the Pléiades system and the innovative mind-set of the Airbus Defence and Space teams, RSM is able to meet their clients’ demands.

Pléiades Imagery Supports RS Metrics in Measuring Sales Trends for Wall Street