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Thanks to increased acquisition capacities, we can now build, display & sell imagery archives more proactively in response to our clients’ needs, either expressed or anticipated. 

On the Optical Side…

Pléiades and SPOT acquire volumes of unique and very competitive imagery.
Apollo Mapping has published a comparative analysis of Pléiades vs. a competing sensor capacities that clearly demonstrates our better results in offering ready-to-use imagery!  

Region of Analysis: Brazil

Pléiades 1 Collection - Brazil from January 1st to March 31st 2014

Pléiades 1 Constellation Imaging Statistics

  • Total Area Collected: 3,072,099 km²
    17,067 km² per sat/per day
  • Area Collected @ 20% or Less Clouds & 30° Off-Nadir: 1,081,398 km²
    6,007.8 km² per satellite/per day
    35.20% of total

Competitor Imaging Statistics

  • Total Area Collected: 2,634,715 km²
  • Area Collected @ 20% or Less Clouds & 30° Off-Nadir: 554,605 km²
    6,162.3 km² per day
    21.05% of total

Have a look on the full analysis on Apollo Mapping

We program our satellites in anticipation of market needs and make the imagery available in more proactive ways. Our motto in 2015 is “Acquire smarter, produce more, deliver faster”!  We will keep you informed on this... 

On the Radar Side…

TerraSAR-X Archive

The TerraSAR-X archive is your first choice for any kind of change detection analysis, small and medium scale mapping tasks or SAR training exercises. It contains more than 130,000 scenes covering virtually every point on Earth at least once.

For a limited time only you can now benefit from up to 75% discount on TerraSAR-X archive data.

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For WorldDEM™…

WorldDEM Database

Launched in April 2014, WorldDEM™ provides a global Digital Elevation Model of unprecedented quality, accuracy, and coverage.

The WorldDEM Database is continuously growing with data now available for large parts of North and South America, Australia, Southern and Western Africa as well as Russia and South-West Asia. The latest additions to the database are complete coverages of Kuwait, the British Isles, Ukraine, Iran, Iceland as well as the border regions of Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iran.

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Benefit From Our Growing Archives!