SAFEcommand 2014 – User Forum Summary

In November we hosted the annual SAFEcommand User Forum at St James’ Park.  The feedback we’ve received has been extremely positive and we are pleased to see that the follow up survey also shows a high level of satisfaction with the forum, with 21% of responders rating the event as Excellent, 74% as Very Good and 5% as Fairly Good.

We are always looking at ways of improving the event, therefore if you have any suggestions for next year’s forum, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Considering the current restrictions in place in the Fire Sector we are very proud that our users feel that they can justify taking two days out of their busy schedules to make the trip to Newcastle.  We are especially grateful to those clients who were ‘willing’ to present, as you all know the active involvement of users is critical to the continued success of the event.  While the high standard of the presentations was highlighted in the survey results, we will look to improve matters by including a glossary of terms in future Delegate Packs in order to aid understanding across the different areas.

At present, the SAFEcommand User Forum helps to bring (the Airbus element of) the Fire Service community together to facilitate a networking opportunity between services, as well as direct engagement with ourselves. In 2015, we will look to expand the opportunities for group discussions which are not necessarily related directly to the Airbus products, as it was obvious that added value was obtained by the Hydrant user group through sharing their general experiences.  We are very positive about using the event to help give the Fire & Rescue Services a forum where they can decide how they would like to work together or tackle an issue.

Over the past couple of years, the integration of the SAFEcommand product suite into the Airbus portfolio has presented us with a number of new challenges, especially with respect to adhering to processes and procedures whilst remaining flexible and agile.  Thankfully, we are now fully integrated and having demonstrated that we are a sustainable business, we are now reaping the rewards with access to corporate funding opportunities which are helping to support the development of ScResponse.

The products are all now branded with a Sc suffix, standing for SAFEcommand.  Over the last few years we have extensively improved the Mobile Data Gateway so that ScGateway is now efficient, resilient and stable.  The CMS and AIUS replacement products are now both available and rebranded ScCapture and ScCourier.  The final element in the next generation SAFEcommand portfolio will be ScResponse, our VMDS replacement, which will be released in 2015.   

User Forum Summary

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