SPOTMaps illustrates aeronautical archaeology at the Aeroscopia Museum in Toulouse-Blagnac

With an image taken from the SPOTMaps mosaic, Airbus Defence and Space will be taking part in the opening of the Aeroscopia Aeronautical Museum in Toulouse-Blagnac on 5th January 2015. In the Aeronautical Archaeology space, visitors will be able to use the map image to locate aircraft remains.

Aeroscopia Aeronautical museum © Davis BECUS

Aeroscopia Aeronautical Museum
© Davis BECUS

By supporting the Aérocherche association which curates the Aeronautical Archaeological space at Aeroscopia, Airbus Defence and Space is helping to raise the profile of this new cultural and tourism site dedicated to aviation.

The Aeronautical Museum situated near the Airbus plants in Toulouse-Blagnac, will be opened on 5th January 2015 and will present the rich history of aviation in the Toulouse region, as well as some of its finest achievements, such as the Concorde and the Super-Guppy.

Aeroscopia, Aeronautical Archaeology Space © Aérocherche

Aeroscopia, Aeronautical Archaeology Space
© Aérocherche

The SPOTMaps image, placed at the centre of the Aeronautical Archaeology space, will constitute the topographical base for a map giving the locations of aircraft remains. Aircraft wreckage is marked on the map by diodes covering a 125 km radius around Toulouse.

The visitors can then embark on an archaeological quest. By selecting a site, they can find out about the aircraft parts found there, as well as a host of other related information such as the circumstances of the accident, the background of the pilots and passengers, mission reports, eyewitness accounts and the conditions in which the remains were recovered.

Aircraft corroded remains © Aérocherche

© Aérocherche

The purpose of aeronautical archaeology is to get aircraft wrecks to talk to us. Based on structural fragments, equipment components or other corroded remains, Gilles Collaveri, the wreck hunter at Aérocherche, recounts the human and technical history of aviation.

The SPOTMaps image illustrates his six years of searching and the thirty or so aircraft wrecks he has rescued from oblivion.

Aeroscopia Museum in Toulouse-Blagnac

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