Unique Data Quality and Level of Detail
WorldDEM - Leigh Creek Coal Mine, Australia

Since the launch of WorldDEM™ in April 2014 customers can tap into a database of digital elevation data that is homogeneous Worldwide, meaning they can expect to use the same type of data from one project to the next.

And not only the consistency and homogeneity is guaranteed, the level of detail and quality of the data available impresses equally customers and users.

WorldDEM Data Availability Progressing - Datasets Now Available on all Continents

WorldDEM Database

The availability of WorldDEM data is continuously expanding. Just as the data acquisition by TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X was done successively, the editing and production is also done progressively. Thus step by step the WorldDEM becomes available. In addition to large areas of North America, Australia and Russia already covered, data is now available for parts of South America (Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil) as well as Southern and Western Africa (extending from South Africa in the South to Angola in the North and spreading from Senegal and Gambia in the East all the way to Benin and Niger). 

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The Next-Generation Global Digital Elevation Model for Versatile Applications

WorldDEM enhances a wide range of applications particularly if customers require data globally with a very high level of detail and precision:

Improved Responsiveness and Efficiency for Defence & Security Missions

WorldDEM for Defence
  • WorldDEM provides accurate information about the natural and built environment, including object elevation, infrastructure, vegetation and water bodies
  • Reliable and precise reference layer for planning and assessment of operations in-the-field - even in remote / difficult / hostile areas
  • Homogenous standardised DEM for any spot on Earth provides for a single confidence scale
  • Unrivalled base data for optimised performance of all systems and equipment (e.g. aircrafts, vehicles)
  • Global availability supports international cooperation and cross-border mission planning

Reliable Planning and Operation of Exploration Projects Worldwide

WorldDEM for OGM
  • WorldDEM delivers reliable terrain information to assess potential exploration sites, seismic planning, develop scouting activities, geophysical surveying and evaluate potential environmental impact of activities
  • Seamless high-quality DEMs even for remote and difficult-to-access locations for geological prospecting and feasibility studies
  • Dependable terrain information for planning and implementation of infrastructure & pipeline routes
  • Auxiliary information for oil & gas fields management

Improved Flight Safety and Efficiency

WorldDEM for Aviation
  • WorldDEM, combined with additional airfield information, provides improved input data for collision avoidance systems, ground proximity warning and flight management systems
  • Highly accurate global DEMs for flight and landing / take-off approach planning
  • Training and flight simulation
  • Flight guidance

WorldDEM™- Unique Data Quality and Level of Detail