Joining Forces with Spectrum Geo to Deliver Dependable Seismic Services for the Oil and Gas Market

Interview with Neil Hodgson, Executive Vice President Multi-Client, EAME, Spectrum, and Karyna Rodriguez, Director Geoscience, Spectrum

1. Airbus Defence and Space and Spectrum Geo have produced a joint oil seep and seismic correlation study for the Adriatic Sea. Karyna, can you present your company in a few words, and tell us more about your specific role?

Spectrum is a global multi-client seismic acquisition company with a library of 1.5 million km² of 2D data, managing new 2D and 3D operations, with offices in Norway, UK and USA. In addition, we have a number of seismic data processing centres around the world, providing state-of-the-art services. We also generate collaborative products with top industry technology suppliers.

I joined Spectrum in July 2013 bringing 25 years of multi-disciplinary technical experience in UK North Sea, Mexico and global offshore and onshore exploration-inclined projects with me. As Director Geoscience, I oversee a group of geologists and geophysicists working on projects on a global scale and enhancing the data library by providing geo-scientific rational and justification. Neil is focused on developing the understanding of the role hydrocarbon plays in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern areas of Spectrum’s Library. He joined Spectrum in June 2012.

2. How long have you been working with Airbus Defence and Space? Why did you decide to partner with us?

Spectrum has been talking to Airbus Defence and Space for some time as we were aware of your Global Seeps product. We are now collaborating on an oil seep project offshore Croatia to support an on-going licence round. The study will provide exploration companies with more information related to hydrocarbon presence in the area. Ultimately, this study provides a new perspective on the hydrocarbon potential in the region, supporting both the ongoing licensing round and future exploration.

3. How do you use our images and services in the context of this study?

We combine our own optical satellite seep detection and seismic data with Airbus Defence and Space’s SAR data to spot seep clusters associated with subsurface features. Our joint study correlates natural oil seeps identified from radar and optical data with 2D seismic data to assist hydrocarbon exploration in the Adriatic Sea. As we see for offshore Croatia, this validates the seeps providing proof of a working hydrocarbon system allowing our clients to understand the prospects of the offshore more confidently. Assessment of hydrocarbon systems present in this region are derived from our subsurface seismic information combined with Airbus Defence and Space’s surface seeps data. 

4. How do you see the industry evolving? What do you consider the future challenges of the Oil & Gas market? And how will satellite imagery & services contribute to future developments? 

The future of the industry is to provide collaborative integrated de-risking products. This is a great example of where our seismic skills and Airbus Defence and Space’s advanced technology applications create a unique and mission-critical product at a crucial time for the industry. 

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We look forward to more of these collaborations, successfully driving the industry onward with 21st century technology integrations, assisting oil companies to successfully de-risk their projects.

Neil Hodgson and Karyna Rodriguez Executive Vice President Multi-Client, EAME, and Director Geoscience - Spectrum

Interview with Neil Hodgson and Karyna Rodriguez, Spectrum