Combination of SAR data and seismic information to identify hydrocarbon potential in the Adriatic region

Airbus Defence and Space and Spectrum Geo produce a joint oil seep and seismic correlation study for the Adriatic Sea
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The future of the industry is to provide collaborative integrated de-risking products. This is a great example of where our seismic skills and Airbus Defence and Space advanced technology applications create a unique and mission critical product at a crucial time for the industry. We look forward to more of these collaborations successfully driving the industry onward with 21st century technology integrations, assisting oil companies to successfully de-risk their projects.”

Neil Hodgson Executive Vice President Multi-Client, EAME, Spectrum

The Challenge

In a global context of growing demand for energy, Oil and Gas companies are increasingly investing in their exploration activities, including the assessment of frontier areas and the re-evaluation of previously explored regions

Going further in the level of information provided to the customer, Spectrum convolved their own optical satellite seep detection and seismic, combined with Airbus SAR data to spot seep clusters associated with subsurface features.
This unique study assists in the assessment of the hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Adriatic offshore Croatia and also ties in with the Croatian government launching its first offshore licensing round.

The Solution

Results suggest a strong correlation between higher confidence slicks and structural seismic features acquired offshore Croatia in 2013. This validates the seeps, providing proof of a working hydrocarbon system allowing the clients to understand the prospects of the offshore more confidently.

The relationships observed have been documented for the customer in a comprehensive report featuring seep information (optical and radar), seismic case studies, structural interpretation and well locations, along with other supporting datasets.
This study provides a new perspective on the hydrocarbon potential in the region, supporting both the ongoing licensing round and future exploration.

Key Benefits for the Oil and Gas Customer


  • Provides de-risking products for oil companies:
    - Information related to the confidence of hydrocarbon presence in the area.
    - Correlation between natural oil seeps from radar and optical data and 2D seismic data.
  • Unique study at a crucial time:
    - New perspective on the hydrocarbon potential in the region for future exploration.
    - Supports the on-going licensing round. 
Adriatic Study Area

Adriatic Study Area.
The purple lines represent the 2013 Spectrum seismic survey and the orange polygons are the radar scenes extracted from the Airbus DS Global Seeps database.

Seismic/Seeps Correlation Study

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