ScCourier Release and Deployment

In September we released SAFEcommand Courier, the second of our Next Generation SAFEcommand products after ScGateway. ScCourier will replace AIUS as the method for delivering back office data and VMDS configuration to your MDTs.

ScCourier Benefits
  • Fast and reliable end to end delivery of Back Office data to MDT’s
  • New Dashboard
    - Provides a more accurate look at data held on each client and its status
    - User Interface for configuring what data is to be acquired from data sources
  • Designed to work with the next generation of SAFEcommand products
  • Runs alongside AIUS to support an upgrade programme.

We are currently working through the installation schedule for those clients who have contacted us in regard to the ScCourier upgrade. 

Our initial deployments of ScCourier have, as with any new software release, thrown up a few issues and defects. The issues found in our initial deployments are listed below:

  • Permissions of target export directory are not applied to exported files which can cause problems when running VMDS as non admin users. IN003734
  • Cannot acquire files with quote marks in file name. IN003734
  • Dashboard can’t show machine name of middle tier server/client machines in 3 tier environment. IN003699
  • Loose file processing timeout means larger datasets will not always be successfully transferred. IN003698
  • VMDS Export trying to export files that have already been exported, Courier continues to work but VMDS will refresh its data more regularly than required. IN003690
  • VMDS Exporter not always deleting all files from the client following deletion of multi type documents from CMS. IN003691

These issues are all being looked at as part of a patch release which is due for release the week commencing 3rd November 2014.
If you would like an ScCourier installation or more information about ScCourier then please log a call with the Service Desk.

ScCourier Release and Deployment

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