VMDS & MDG Patch Release

At the end of August we released VMDS 2.5.8 and MDG 7.2.5. Notably this release included Chemdata 2014.1 compatibility and some important fixes to both Gateway and VMDS.

In Brief*
  • SOPS search results are now sorted alphabetically
  • Chemdata 2014.1 compatibility
  • VMDS print screen functionality will now also work on Windows 7
  • CRS license file location can be specified in configuration
  • Corrections to GPS follow me & Incident functionality
  • Status rules still applied after AIUS update
  • Removed duplicate pump incident messages
  • Improvements to Gateway session management when in multi device callsign mode

If you are yet to download VMDS 2.5.8 this is available on the user forum along with Chemdata 2014.1. If you would like your Gateway upgrading to 7.2.5 please log a call with our Service Desk. These releases have been certified for use on Airwave.

*A full list of the changes can be found in the release notes available from the online User Forum

VMDS & MDG Patch Release

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