Airbus Defence and Space and Esri Take Satellite Imagery Services to a Premium Level

Airbus Defence and Space and Esri have developed three new Premium Content Services to provide ArcGIS Online users with an option to access thematic imagery layers, customised monitoring services, and for the first time on the ArcGIS Marketplace, users can directly task Airbus Defence and Space’s satellite constellation online. 


This represents a tremendous advantage for our users, who will now have access to the extensive global archive of Airbus Defence and Space imagery and be able to task satellites anywhere in the world. We are excited to offer the Airbus Defence and Space Premium Content Services through our ArcGIS Marketplace."

Jack Dangermond President and Founder of Esri

The new Satellite Tasking & Archive application was featured in the plenary session at the Esri UC in San Diego, CA in July.  Click here to see a video of this application being demonstrated by Esri’s Bern Szukalski.
On the ArcGIS Marketplace, users can search, discover, and get apps and data from qualified providers for use within their organization. The following three Airbus Defence and Space Premium Imagery Services listed in the Marketplace will be available to ArcGIS users worldwide:

  • Thematic Imagery
  • Satellite Programming & Archive
  • Site Monitoring

Thematic Imagery

ArcGIS - Thematic Imagery

Thematic Imagery layers consist of 50cm natural colour, orthorectified imagery products in pre-packaged, themed datasets. The Thematic Imagery layers will be updated regularly, and brand new imagery layers will be added to the Marketplace in the coming months.

Available now are airport imagery layers of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, which are a great, cost-efficient solution for multiple applications such as transportation logistics, zoning and planning, and much more.

Satellite Tasking & Archive

ArcGIS - Satellite Tasking & Archive

ArcGIS Online users can now order Pléiades and SPOT 6 (and soon SPOT 7) imagery with an easy-to-use Satellite Tasking & Archive application. The user simply selects an Area of Interest (AOI) and options for tasking and archive display on the screen.

For the first time, the ArcGIS user can task one of Airbus Defence and Space’s satellites, or select an image from the archive. Once acquired, imagery is automatically produced and delivered through the users’ ArcGIS Online account

Site Monitoring

ArcGIS - Site Monitoring

Lastly, the Site Monitoring Service is used to monitor targeted sites on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is a perfect service to monitor everything from construction sites or oil platforms to deforestation.

Users can monitor the progress of current projects, facilities currently in operation, areas affected by natural and manmade disasters, and much more. Two pre-selected sites are currently available for subscription.

Alternatively users can choose customised monitoring of their own site of interest. All Site Monitoring reports are delivered as a StoryMap and a web map service for use in ArcGIS Online.

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