4G Research

The next phase of communications for emergency services will include the use of 4G or LTE carriers. At Airbus DS, work is underway to identify how we can better utilise the benefits of 4G within the SAFEcommand product suite.

A research project is in progress to investigate potential improvements to the SAFEcommand product suite as a result of 4G availability, specifically around transferring large amounts of data. Prospective development could include mapping updates over the air and a faster Gateway handling larger data volumes. This research project will ensure we use this technology effectively in products such as Gateway and ScCourier so that you get the best performance from your infrastructure when using our software.

In addition to this we will also be validating our Gateway and VMDS products for use on 4G bearers. The technology in itself is expected to be accommodated without any issue but we will be working with our customers to assess the use of 4G and the type of information which may be communicated due to the enhanced bandwidth.

This is an exciting phase in the development of SAFEcommand and we look forward to working with customers as they migrate to the system provided by the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP).

4G Research

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