Recent VMDS Additions

Over the past 12 months we have introduced several new significant optional features into VMDS that you may not be aware of. Please find an overview of some of these features below. If you are interested in any of these or would like more information please contact Brian Hunter.

Stop Messaging

SAFEcommand - VMDS Additions - Stop Messaging

Augment standard VMDS with the ability to configure Initial Informatives, Guided Informatives and Enhanced Stop messages. The VMDS User is guided through the message creation by client configured questions to create Coded message ready to send back to the CAD for future ingestion into IRS.

A client configured matrix defines each question as well as the response type and response options.  At each stage a back, next and cancel button will be available, Send will only be available when the business logic dictates the required level of information has been selected.  In addition there will be an option to add a free text element to the message.  As the message is built up, each element is added to the display field, to allow the user to view the message as it completed.  The message will be sent to the Command and Control system with an embedded character string to identify the message as a stop message.

Crew Riding

VMDS also has, as an option, Enhanced Crew Riding whereby the latest crewing information stored within Firewatch is sent out with the Mobilisation message.  The Officer in Charge has the ability to select the OIC and amend, if necessary, the crew members before sending the message back to Control.

Enhanced Crew Riding is currently only available with Fortek Vision 4 and Firewatch


SAFEcommand - VMDS Additions - ICU

When the Incident Command Unit component is enabled VMDS users are able to draw polygons or lines on the map screen and give these objects labels for redline purposes.  Once created they can be repositioned, labels edited or they can be deleted.  Users can also add symbols to the map screen from a centralized FRS-specific list of symbols, created by a system administrator.  A symbol can have a label associated with it.  Once created, Symbols can be moved, edited or deleted.  Symbols or redline information can be saved to a layer and reloaded at any point.


The Gazetteer component provides an all premises Gazetteer using a SQLLite database for use on an MDT within VMDS.  Typically, the database would be created using our data held in the Airbus DS CMS database.  VMDS provides functionality to search this database for properties or streets.  The search can be specified within a user-specified polygon, if required.  A list of results matching the search criteria will be displayed to the user, choosing ‘GoTo’ centres the VMDS on the selected location.  The list of results may be printed if required. 

Once a location has been navigated to, it is possible to place a symbol at the location of property/street in the search results.  This may be because the location has a risk associated with it that has not been recorded in your Risk datashare; or to represent where roadblocks are to be set, or where other appliances should be positioned.


The Crash Recovery System provided by Moditech can now be fully integrated within the latest version of VMDS, creating a seamless solution that ensures VMDS retains control of the screen display and that there is no delay in the presentation of incoming mobilisation, incident or status messages. 
The VMDs integration can be deployed free of charge when the CRS is purchased though Airbus DS.

SAFEcommand - VMDS Additions - CRS

Moditech now use a different method of licencing than was previously available.  Instead of licencing each MDT/tablet individually via a dongle, it is now possible to copy over a Master licence file to each machine, making the whole process much easier to manage.   Moditech now only require a representative of your organisation to sign an agreement, provided by Moditech, indicating you will only install CRS on the amount of machines that you have paid for. 

There are 4 versions of CRS and the integrated version of VMDS can be activated with any of the existing Editions, i.e. Lite, Standard Basic, Standard Full and RDW.

Secure Datashares

VMDS now offers the option to restrict access to specific Datashares. For example VMDS can be configured so that users will only be able to access documents associated with Points of Interest when mobilised to a location nearby. For any Datashare that has been configured as secure, the distance the MDT needs to be to the Incident is also configurable.

A password can also be used to access secured data in case the MDT is in an area of poor coverage and has not received the incident or if the information is needed when not mobilised. The password can be held in Control and changed via the AIUS software so once it has been given out to someone for access, administrators can change it and push out a new password.

Recent VMDS Additions

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