SAFEcommand 7.2 Release

SAFEcommand 7.2 was released in May and includes VMDS 2.5.4 and MDG 7.2.4. The software contained in this release has been Conformance Tested with Airwave and certificates are available from the Airwave TOPS website. 

If you would like to upgrade to this version of MDG please contact the SAFEcommand Service Desk and the Client Services team will get in touch to schedule an upgrade.

VMDS is available to download from the online forum, once downloaded please contact the Service Desk to request a password to unzip the installer.

Release notes for both MDG 7.2.4 and VMDS 2.5.4 can be downloaded from the online forum link above. These contain full details on what’s new in these releases and useful information relating to the VMDS upgrade process.

Key changes of the release


VMDS will discard lagged or out-of-date GPS
VMDS now supports relative links in PDF’s
Packet retries over the Airwave bearer can now be configured


MDG now processes  GD92 mobilisation messages containing invalid characters
MDG now NAK’s multiblock messages received from the C&C
MDG now sends out AVL rate information on radio power up

Following this release we will also be able to offer the following optional extra features:

MDG: High Availability Data Messaging

Advanced resilience incorporating Airwave bearer and C&C connections along with a watcher component in order to manage a variety of failure modes such as loss of server, service or network.

VMDS: Guided Informative Messages

Custom templated messages that can be used to send coded stop messages, first impression messages and other informative messages.

SAFEcommand 7.2

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