PT5K, Pléiades Topographic Maps

Large Scale Mapping from Space
Pléiades Constellation

PT5K brings you a new concept of large scale mapping from very high resolution (VHR) Pléiades imagery.


With a reference scale of 1:5.000, the map is obtained by stereoscopic restitution from Pléiades stereo or tri-stereo image data-sets. Features are coded or multi-coded to represent topographical features.

PT5K is a vector based GIS product where all features are manually captured with true elevation by Photogrammetry technioques.


Pléiades imagery with 50cm Ground Sample Distance makes this product ideal for:

  • Large scale mapping where airborne operations are difficult
  • Undertake a mapping project everywhere in the world
  • Short production time from data source capture to final delivery

PT5K is an ArcGIS geodatabase generated with our Vector Factory mapping environment, and ready to use in any Geographic Information System.

Stereo vector capture improves tenfold accuracy and photo-interpretation compared with digitization from orthophotomaps.

Two Different Levels

In order to approach all kind of projects, PT5K is presented in two different versions depending on its level of complexity:


  • PT5K-B or Basic, includes a subset of the PT5K catalog. It is a complete planimetric 3D topographic base.
  • PT5K-X or eXtended, includes all of the basic subset, plus polygons and centroids to define complete coverage of land use, plus additional overlapping coverage for specific uses related to activity areas, urban areas, etc.


PT5K is designed to serve all kind of projects and applications, from large engineering projects to land use coverage as well as city or regional planning. Several markets will take advantage of PT5K maps:


  • Agriculture and Forestry: Parcel delineation, soils and vegetation mapping or land use estimation
  • Engineering: New infrastructures simulation, impact studies, land use, etc.
  • Land Administration and National Mapping: Road networks extraction, 3D city modelling, census, cadastre, Land Uses, etc.
  • Defence and Security: Logistic planning, mission preparation, etc.


PT5K topographic map based on satellite imagery, Zuata, Venezuela

PT5K topographic map based on satellite imagery, Zuata, Venezuela

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