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From Sensor Technology to High-Precision DEMs
Airbus Defence and Space masters the whole chain from the design of satellites to their operation, as well as the exploitation of their data. As a result, our stereo imagery fits perfectly with very precise elevation data production (swath of the pairs, calibration of the data, attitude restitution and perfectly known satellite models).
GEO Elevation - Supreme 3D Excellence

If you add to these basics, very powerful production tools and fruitful collaborations with leading mapping organisations around the world, such as IGN in France and the German Aerospace Centre DLR, you get state-of-the-art high-quality products.

Our partners have tested and assessed the quality of our DEMs 

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GEO Elevation - Products History (EN)

Our elevation history started in 2002 with the launch of the high-resolution SPOT 5 satellite that embarked a dedicated tool to acquire stereo data. Elevation30 based on SPOT 5 data, today delivers DEMs with 6-10m vertical accuracy at 30m grid spacing - available off-the-shelf for >75 Mio km².

The launch of our Pléiades constellation allowed us to respond to the increasing need for very high- resolution DEMs, particularly required for projects in urban areas and oil / mineral exploration. Based on the satellite’s highly advanced stereo and tri-stereo capabilities Elevation4 and Elevation1 deliver elevation information with a very high level of accuracy and detail. Their posting is 4m and 1m respectively and the accuracy achieved is 1.5m.

Following the launch of SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 we added Elevation8 to our GEO Elevation family. These DEMs with 3m vertical accuracy at 8m grid spacing provide an optimised fit for the needs of mapping, hydrology, oil & gas applications. The satellite’s enhanced combination of coverage and high resolution supports rapid collection of imagery and very cost-effective delivery of products.

The latest addition to our extensive DEM portfolio is the WorldDEM™ delivering elevation information with 2m vertical accuracy at 12m grid spacing. With this unrivalled global product we are now able to serve customers looking for coverage coupled with accuracy and quality - in due course WorldDEM will be available off-the-shelf for the entire 150 million km² landmass of the Earth.

For Elevation8, Elevation4 and Elevation1 our portfolio also includes Digital Terrain Models representing the bare Earth and providing valuable input data for mapping, hydrological modelling or terrain analysis.

Key Benefits

Combining products is the real strength of our portfolio and provides the right DEM for any application need:

  • We have a reference layer available off-the-shelf  for a global view of the ground available rapidly
  • We have further capabilities to acquire very large areas anywhere in the world to offer updated ground information
  • We can offer focus and zoom over points of interest
  • The next reference layer is under construction

Supreme 3D Excellence