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  • Title: TerraSAR-X Staring SpotLight: Planes and Helicopters at AMARG in Tuscon
  • Location: Tucson, USA
  • Image Type: Radar
  • Resolution: 50 cm
  • Date: 06/30/2013
  • Copyright: DLR e.V. 2013, Distribution Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
  • Imaging Mode: Staring SpotLight
  • Polarization Mode: HH
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Staring Spotlight acquisition of the AMARG aircraft and missile storage and maintenance facility in Tucson, Arizona, also called “Boneyard”. In Arizona’s dry desert climate AMARG takes care of more than 4,400 aircraft, which makes it the largest aircraft storage and preservation facility in the world. The cut-outs show airplanes of the Type Lockheed P-3 „Orion", as well as Helicopters named Sikorsky CH-53 „Sea Stallion“. The new 25cm TerraSAR-X Staring SpotLight Mode delivers SAR data with the highest resolution available on the market today.