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TerraSAR-X Wide ScanSAR Acquisition of The German Bight recorded on 25 July 2013. The new Wide ScanSAR mode can cover an area of up to 400,000km2 in one acquisition. This makes it ideally suited for large area surveillance such as maritime monitoring or oil spill detection.

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More information
  • Title: TerraSAR-X Wide ScanSAR Acquisition of the German Bight
  • Location: German Bight, Germany
  • Image Type: Radar
  • Resolution: > 20m
  • Date: 07/25/2013
  • Copyright: DLR e.V. 2013, Distribution Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
  • Imaging Mode: Wide ScanSAR
  • Polarization Mode: W
  • Distribution: This image is for personal use only. It cannot be sold or distributed to any third party.