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TerraSAR-X Amplitude Change Detection product based on three TerraSAR-X High Resolution SpotLight acquisitions recorded on March 25th (red), April 5th (blue) and April 16th 2011 (green). Different colours show changes between the acquisition dates.

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More information
  • Title: TerraSAR-X Acquisition - Yongbyon County, North Korea
  • Location: North Pyongan Province
  • Image Type: Radar
  • Resolution: 1m - 5m
  • Date: 03/25/2011
  • Secondary Date: 04/16/2011
  • Copyright: DLR e.V. 2012 and © Airbus Defence and Space GmbH 2012
  • Imaging Mode: High Resolution SpotLight
  • Distribution: This image is for personal use only. It cannot be sold or distributed to any third party.