WorldDEM™ Now Commercially Available

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We are delighted to announce the commercial launch of the WorldDEM™. With this game-changing technology we can provide an unrivalled solution to customers that are looking for global terrain information with a uniquely high level of detail and accuracy. WorldDEM™ provides the first truly global, single-source, high-precision Digital Elevation Model and establishes a new standard of global elevation models. 

WorldDEM™ Product Offering

WorldDEM™ Product Offering

Initially three WorldDEM™ products will be available:

  • WorldDEMcore: Unedited Digital Surface Model, usually contains radar artefacts and voids
  • WorldDEM™: Edited Digital Surface Model with assured hydrological consistency (i.e. flattening of water bodies, consistent flow of rivers, editing of shoreline)
  • [coming in the 2nd half of 2014] WorldDEM DTM: Digital Terrain Model representing the bare Earth terrain (vegetation and man-made objects are removed).

For further information on the product offering and technical specifications please consult the WorldDEM™ Technical Specifications document.

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Taking Global Elevation Models to the Next Level

A multitude of applications such as satellite image orthorectification, military and civil aviation, management of oil and gas fields as well as defence and security related missions, benefit from the unique WorldDEM™ dataset. The global coverage will also support international cooperation and cross-border mission planning, particularly when the rapid provision of accurate information is of utmost importance (for instance in case of natural or environmental disasters), the availability of a standardised, highly accurate DEM will be a major advantage.


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WorldDEM™ Now Commercially Available