How WorldDEM™ Enhances Your Mission Efficiency

Integrating WorldDEM as a reliable and precise reference layer into your daily operations and mission planning will provide for a single confidence scale and enhance the performance of a wide range of systems and equipment. 

Taking Global Elevation Data to the Next Level

Whether you plan and oversee complex missions from strategic level to tactical operations, you can now rely on the highly accurate, standardised terrain information provided by the WorldDEM for any spot on Earth.

WorldDEM has no break lines at regional or national borders and no heterogeneities caused by differing measurement procedures or data collection campaigns staggered in time.
The unrivalled accuracy on a global scale will make WorldDEM the elevation model of choice if you require global terrain information with a very high level of detail.

High Level of Detail for Versatile Applications

The pole-to-pole availability of WorldDEM supports your specialised geospatial data needs when implementing missions in current and potential conflict areas: 

WorldDEM™ - Port Augusta, Australia

WorldDEM - Port Augusta, Australia

  • Improving air mission efficiency: Combined with additional airfield information, WorldDEM provides improved input data for collision avoidance systems, ground proximity warning and flight management systems. WorldDEM supports flight path and landing area planning even in remote and difficult to access areas.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of your operations: The 3D nature of the data facilitates the assessment and interpretation of landscapes with exceptional detail and allows for a reliable topographic mapping, threat evaluation and mobility option planning.
  • Increasing the accuracy of your GEOINT analysis: WorldDEM facilitates the high-quality orthorectification of satellite and aerial data, thus providing increased reliability and confidence for Multi-INT layer integration.


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WorldDEM provides a superior level of detail and accuracy compared to SRTM data. Location: Arkansas, USA

WorldDEM™ for Enhanced Mission Efficiency

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