TerraSAR-X Image Products

Multi-resolution - Multi-scale - Multi-polarised

TerraSAR-X Image Products can be acquired in five main image modes with flexible resolutions (0.25m / 1m / 3m / 18.5m / 40m) and scene sizes. Thanks to different polarimetric combinations and processing levels the delivered imagery can be tailored specifically to meet the requirements of the application.

Staring SpotLight  High Resolution SpotLight StripMap ScanSAR Wide ScanSAR
TerraSAR-X Staring SpotLight - Panama Canal TerraSAR-X High Resolution SpotLight - Panama Canal TerraSAR-X StripMap - Panama Canal TerraSAR-X ScanSAR - Panama Canal TerraSAR-X Wide ScanSAR - Panama Canal
  • Up to 25cm resolution
  • Scene size depending on incidence angle, for example ~ 4km (width) x 3.7km (length) at 60°
  • Up to 1m resolution
  • Scene size 5 to 10km (width) x 5km (length)
  • Up to 3m resolution
  • Scene size 30km (width) x 50km (length*)
  • Up to 18.5m resolution
  • Scene size 100km (width) x 150km (length*)
  • Up to 40m resolution
  • Scene size up to 270km (width) x 200km (length**)
Identification of objects Recognition of objects (airplanes, hangars, vessels) Detection & classification and monitoring of vessels and infrastructure
Large scale mapping 
Detailed maritime monitoring & detection
Small scale mapping
Large area maritime monitoring of ship traffic, oil spills, sea ice
*StripMap and ScanSAR: acquisition length extendable to 1,650 km
**Wide ScanSAR: acquisition length extendable to 1,500 km

The unique design of TerraSAR-X's SAR antenna enables a variety of polarimetric combinations: single or dual polarisation and even full polarimetric data takes are possible. Further, four Product Types (Processing Levels) are optionally selectable with each acquisition.

Furthermore, enhanced image products such as radar mosaics can be derived.