Oil & Gas Sees New Resolutions!

Since 2007, TerraSAR-X radar data as well as derived products and services have effectively supported a wide range of oil and gas related activities. Application areas for the high-resolution weather-independent data range from  monitoring of pipeline corridor encroachments and local processing facilities through observation of exploration activities or oil and gas production related surface movements all the way to topographic mapping and digital elevation modelling. 

TerraSAR-X Wide ScanSAR Acquisition - Gulf of Botnia, Finland

With a scene size of up to 400,000km² in one acquisition the new TerraSAR-X Wide ScanSAR mode is ideally suited for large area surveillance such as maritime monitoring or oil spill detection.

In 2013 this broad spectrum was further enhanced with the availability of two new TerraSAR-X imaging modes: the new Wide ScanSAR and Staring SpotLight mode.

  • The Wide ScanSAR mode opens new possibilities e.g. for large area monitoring of the maritime domain e.g. regarding ice monitoring, ship detection and oil spills. The mode provides a uniquely efficient ratio between coverage and resolution.
  • The Staring SpotLight mode allows to pin-point the detail, particularly valuable for monitoring of assets or operations in remote areas. With a resolution of 25cm the Staring SpotLight mode offers the highest resolution commercial SAR imagery available on the market today and opens a new dimension for radar based image intelligence – also for oil and gas related applications.


In 2014 the product offering will be further enhanced with the WorldDEM™ Digital Elevation Model. Available for the entire landmass of the globe this unique dataset offers an unprecedented combination of quality, accuracy, coverage and availability.

Oil & Gas Sees New Resolutions!