Industry Applications

Oil & Gas, Mining & Energy

For efficient planning and monitoring, from assessment to remediation, the oil, gas, mining and energy industries need to:

  • Thoroughly explore geological and hydrological resources
  • Optimize site planning and installation
  • Evaluate the impact on the environment to ensure a responsible development

With Airbus Defence and Space’s Direct Constellation Services, they can easily and efficiently

  • Identify and select potential new exploration sites
  • Lower operating costs
  • Map the possible impact of exploration

Defence & Security

Accurate and fresh information, when and where they need it, is key for
Defence & Security organisations – hence they are eager to

  • Increase the number of information sources to reinforce surveillance of territories
  • Detect and inspect changes in sensitive areas
  • Lower the loop between tasking and receiving satellite data

With Airbus Defence and Space’s Direct Constellation Services, they can with absolute security

  • Be assured of exclusive privacy
  • Map large territories and focus on targets in a distance, wherever their location may be
  • Monitor frontiers and coastlines on a daily basis

National Mapping & Land Management

In order to help ensure their countries’ citizens’ safety and well-being, authorities regularly need to

  • Provide and maintain an up-to-date spatial representation of their country or administrative area
  • Generate and deliver geo-information products and map
  • Continue censuses and land administration and planning of their country or administrative area
  • Undertake sustainable development projects

With Airbus Defence and Space’s Direct Constellation Services, they

  • Receive the most up-dated spatial data
  • Generate maps to international standards (up to 1/5000)
  • Classify urban structures and edit cadastral information
  • Define and regularly monitor hazardous sites
  • Simulate layouts for roads and railway tracks

Agriculture and Forestry

For optimized farming activities and a sustainable resource management, these sectors must

  • Produce crops in an effective and sustainable way
  • Map, assess, monitor crops or forests
  • Enforce the application of agricultural regulations and environment protection such as REDD
  • Acquire knowledge of forest areas and monitor forest stands

Airbus Defence and Space’s Direct Constellation Services help to

  • Increase productivity
  • Manage and monitor large cultivated areas from a distance
  • Generate accurate and reliable agricultural statistics before harvesting
  • Make an inventory of forests and manage them sustainably (tree stands, cuts, fire prevention)

Maritime Monitoring

Accurate, reliable information is a sound basis for maritime safety around the globe,
and required in order to

  • Monitor sea traffic
  • Detect and track ships
  • Detect oil spill
  • Monitor sea ice

With Airbus Defence and Space’s Direct Constellation Services, authorities and private industry alike can reliably:

  • Detail information on ships characteristics, oil spills and ice
  • Interconnect with AIS information
  • Detect vessels and boats down to 5m length
  • Task new acquisition urgently and get near-real-time information delivery within 15 minutes