Components of Constellation Direct Receiving Station

Constellation Direct receiving station offers customized and flexible options depending on your activity needs and industry application. The customized options include: access to multi-satellite constellations, terminal options, flexible access to tasking and data delivery, as well as production of images- all customized for your activity application.

Terminal Options

Terminal Option

We offer the unique ability for direct reception of telemetry through our Direct Receiving Stations (DRS). Each DRS includes a terminal that allows acquisition, production and management of image telemetry for one or all  SPOT (SPOT 6 & SPOT 7), Pléiades ( Pléiades  1A and 1B) and  TerraSAR (TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X) Constellations.

Each terminal through the DRS is scalable, offering the ability to access one constellation, multi-constellations, or the suite of our extensive satellite portfolio. See the benefits  for a multi-satellite terminal.

Flexible Access to Tasking and Data Delivery

According to your needs, GEO Intelligence can offer you the most adapted tasking strategy.(coverage, target, monitoring, priority levels, etc…)
Benefit from the GEO Intelligence network, dedicated support and 30 year experience in satellite resource management and programming

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Components of Constellation Direct Receiving Station

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