SPOT 6 and Pléiades Instant Tasking Service

From now on, task SPOT6 and the Pléiades constellation directly from your desktop thanks to our Instant Tasking service available on GeoStore. 

Get the full choice between coverage and resolution depending on the type of crisis you are facing, and manage your orders online, autonomously and 24/7.

Re-discover Instant Tasking

The premium online service for urgent imagery collection

For urgent tasking, when you need priority access to Pléiades constellation and SPOT6
AOI icon orange Limited areas of interest
  • Pléiades : max. 20km x 20km
  • SPOT 6 : max 50km x 100km
Calendar icon orange Ability to view next passes of Pléiades and SPOT 6 (and soon SPOT 7)
Signal icon orange Tasking request sent straight to satellite
Top priority for one single pass in any direction
Process icon orange Automatic acquisition, production and delivery in record time
Parameter icon orange Acquisition parameters
Choice of sensor: Pléiades 1A / Pléiades 1B / SPOT 6
Standard viewing angle up to 45° to improve revisit rate
No cloud-cover rating guarantee
smiley-orange Maximum reactivity & priority
smiley-orange Multi-sensor
smiley-orange 24/ 7 Service


SPOT 6 and Pléiades Instant Tasking Service