Pléiades Direct Access Services

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The Pléiades Direct Access Service is the quickest way to deliver Pléiades data and to meet time-critical imaging requirements. Pléiades mission-ready data can be available on your desktop up to less than one hour from your ordering.

Key features and Benefits

Features Benefits
New Data Ordering Privileged access to Pléiades
  • Several ordering modes such as the Direct Tasking
  • Several acquisition modes (target, strip mapping,
    stereo, tri-stereo),
  • Using one single ordering interface
  • Maximum responsiveness
  • Full range of Pléiades services is just one click
    away to acquire a maximum number of images
    tailored to users’ needs.
Direct Reception of new data Extreme reactivity
  • Real time: downlink is performed right after
    data is acquired
  • Near real-time application support and fast decision-making
Local production of Pléiades product Straight away data exploitation
  • Automatic and massive production capacity
    with Pléiades Terminal
  • Easy distribution to your authorized end-users
Encrypted data Maximum confidentiality
  • Download is encrypted specifically for your Ground Station
  • Your Direct Access Station is highly secured in all steps

Suscribe to Pléiades Data Access Services

Pléiades Reception Stations

The Pléiades Direct Access Services Agreement comprises two main items:

  • Access right: condition under which you can order new data such as region of interest, and ordering mode,
  • Distribution right: condition under which you can distribute Pléiades products to a certain list of end-users.

These two items can be tailored to your specific needs.

You need a Ground Station compatible of Pléiades specifications equipped with a Pléiades Terminal exclusively provided by Airbus Defence and Space.
More about Pléiades Ground Station

Once your Ground Station is operational under the Pléiades Direct Access Services, you become a Partner of the Airbus Defence and Space Ground Station network.

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Pléiades Direct Access Services

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